WTF Things that only single people will understand


Being single – is something wrong with you??

Are you still single? Oh, my god! Are you even straight or what.. don’t you feel alone? Don’t you want somebody to love and pamper you? Pheww!! These are some of the most common questions or I may say doubts people have with the single people roaming around the world. Being committed today is like a certificate of being in the category of “normal human”. Even socks come in pairs right??


Many people start doubting themselves if something is wrong with them that they are still single. (haha seriously?? people!!) some blame their beauty (most of the time),  family backgrounds and trust me the list goes on  for infinity with Being some hilarious and disaster reasons.


Being single or committed should be one’s choice and not just to show others how stud or sexy you are and show your “I can drive you crazy baby” skills. If you are committed, congrats you are one compatible human with love and romance but if you are still single n trying on different weird methods to attract that opposite sexy human. Please stop! You won’t die alone and nobody will kill you if you stay single.

Just like a chicken biryani takes hours to make. Good things too take time to happen (bhaw khati hai achi chize).


Let me tell you some perks of being single.

  • You don’t have to take time off from work every now n then to meet your love interest, you can do your love affair with your sleep.

  • You can look 100% messed up anytime.

  • Your cell battery will last long.

  • You won’t be sharing your food. (best one)

  • You don’t have to keep other person updated about your every single second.

  • You don’t have to search for “the romantic names” for your babu shona


See, that’s what you get left with. You can create some wonderful memories with the people from the moment rather than searching for the reasons and love. Your right person will come at the right time. Just give all the love and pamper yourself until your dream human comes and do all these for you. 😉

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Writer : Priya priya

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