Things you should do to make your “Relationshit” to a real “Relationship”


You always want to stay close to those you love and in that way you make certain efforts. But even after doing so much go get attention from the one, or to attract them, you end up keeping that person even more far from you? We all face this almost

We all face this almost every day, instead of trying, we end up doing over trying and that, my friend turns you off!! There are few things you need to stop doing right now if you want your relation to going a few more miles with a Lil bit of extra toppings of love and respect. (I am not just talking about those love dove relationship but any relation that you want to cherish.)

So, here we go with our master points to make you a relationship keeper-

Kill'em with kindness- Selena Gomez, the nice song, right? But this three-word statement has got so much power in it which we never see. No matter how hard we try, we end up talking rude, being sarcastic. But doing this on a regular basis can detach people from you. As they say, everything looks good in limit You should know what to say, when to say, and is it kind or not. So always think before you open your smart moving mouth.

Attentiveness- Are you really attentive when you talk to someone. Yes? I don’t think so, you know why? The thing which keeps you involved with it is what you are holding right now. Yes, it’s your cell phone. You don’t even realize that you are unintentionally avoiding the person and it makes the person hurt who may be sharing something valuable with you. So please, it’s a request, try to avoid your phone and not the person. That would make other person feel more comfortable with you and more open about their feelings, ultimately making your bond stronger.

Understand- Understanding is not a tough thing unless it's your study syllabus or politics. If you want to keep a relationship, you have to understand the other person. You both may not always be on the same page, but you should make efforts to understand what that person is going through and what do they want from your relationship. Understanding and supporting is the key.

The reality check- Relax, you don’t have to dig up the past of your loved ones. Texting is a fun way of being connected with your friends, family n love. But try to make some time and meet them. Spending some time together and creating some beautiful memories which are undeletable will not cause you a heart failure. These gestures make people feel important and wanting. So do it more often.

The magic- The last one is the bomber point. The magic you need to keep the one always close to yourself is ‘acceptance’. You don’t have to make hundreds and thousands of relations, you can’t even handle. Just stay connected to those whom you really want to stay with you. Willingness to keep a relationship is the biggest factor which keeps you going with your efforts. If you don’t feel for something, you don’t have to keep pulling it to yourself, it'll only hurt in a long time.

So, try adding these things in your relation and I am sure you will never get the tag of a “turn off person”.

PS: Relationships are very beautiful, don’t ever force yourself on them.

Stay connected, stay positive.

Writer: Priya


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