Story behind Rock Paper Scissor Game


Rock Paper Scissor is a story of love, murder, and revenge!

It all started on 7th January 1995. It was a sunny day when Rock saw Paper the first time, Rock has never seen anyone beautiful like paper ever before. Rock tried to talk to Paper but paper was already married to Scissor so Rock back out but Rock was madly in love with Paper so he approached Paper and asked her out for a coffee, Paper said yes and they both went for a coffee.


Rock became a good friend of paper. Days passed and their bond becomes more strong but paper was not aware of Rock's feelings and paper was also falling for Rock.


One day Rock saw a cut mark on Paper's face, rock asked about that cut mark then paper started crying and then she told Rock that Scissor's always hurts her every time he is drunk and she doesn't want to live with him anymore and also confessed her love for Rock.

They both decided to leave that city that night and move to a city where scissor can not find them.

At midnight paper started packing when scissor was sleeping but scissor got awake and saw paper packing her things he asked her what the hell she was doing paper told him that she was tired of him and she is leaving him. Scissor was so drunk that he couldn't control his anger and cut paper into pieces and paper was murdered by scissor.


Scissor left that city after murdering paper. Rock waited for paper for 4 hours but when she didn't came Rock was worried about paper and headed to paper's place to see why she didn't came but when Rock reached her place he saw her cut into pieces  and murdered he started crying he cried whole night and in the morning he noticed that scissor was not at home and he was the only person who used to abuse paper.

Paper was rock's entire world rock started finding scissor. Days passed but rock didn't find scissor.

But one-day rock saw scissor beck in the city so rock waited for him at his place at the same place where paper was murdered. Scissor came back home and saw Rock standing there.

Scissor- Who the F are you?

Rock-Did you killed her?

Scissor-What do you want?

Rock-I loved her!

Rock-I wants you, I want revenge!

Rock smashed scissor twice and scissor died. Rock took his revenge.


So this was the Story behind Rock Paper Scissor Game!

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