Meet the youngest & the prettiest artist behind these soulful work ‘Ritu Rathore’


Putting soul in the Art

An art becomes real when an artist makes it so deeply that turns out to look like it has a soul. There are many talented artists but this young and beautiful artist named 'Ritu Rathore' is so talented that her work looks real and fascinating That when you will look at her work you won't believe at a certian point of time that it is a piece of work because it looks too real.

Here are some sketches made by Ritu Rathore.


The old lady whose eyes says it all.


Another expressive eye


That alone old man who misses his family and want someone to hold his hands just once.


This one is so real that it even made me look twice whether its real or not .


Now meet the talented artist who made these soulful artworks.

'Ritu Rathore' lives in Delhi and doing her architecture graduation program. 21 years old Beautiful, fun loving and extremly talented.


Writer : Abhilash Chaudhary

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