How To Make Spicy Paneer Rolls


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In this blog, I am going to share a unique starter from paneer. The name of the recipe is spicy paneer rolls. From kids to teen to adults everybody loves this recipe. Let me tell you the ingredients you require to make spicy paneer rolls.

 You need two to three finely chopped green chilies. You need one cup of grated cottage cheese. It is also known as ‘paneer’. You need eight white bread slices. You need one boiled, peeled and grated potato. You need half a cup of breadcrumbs. You need three tablespoons of grated processed cheese. You need two tablespoons of fresh coriander leaves. You need one teaspoon of red chili powder. You need half teaspoon of chaat masala. You need salt to taste. You need oil for deep frying.

Let’s begin with the stuffing for the rolls. For that, take grated cottage cheese in a bowl. To this, add some grated potatoes. Add some fresh bread crumbs for the binding. Then add grated processed cheese. Add fresh chopped coriander. Now add red chili powder. Next, add some chaat masala. Add few chopped green chili also. And add some salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients nicely. Heat some oil in a pan. Keep the mixture aside. Now take the bread slices and trim the edges. With the help of the rolling pin just flatten the bread slices lightly. And on one side of the bread, place a portion of the paneer stuffing and roll. Trim the edges and cut this into two parts. After cutting this, secure it with the help of a toothpick. Similarly, make the remaining rolls. When the oil is hot enough, dip the rolls one by one in the oil. Deep fry the rolls till they become golden brown in color. Bread doesn’t take a long time to cook so be very careful. Drain them on an absorbing paper. Before serving to remove the toothpick and serve your rolls. Serve these rolls with tomato ketchup.

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Writer: Jyoti Das

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