How to get noticed by your crush on facebook


Have a crush on someone ?

Everyone got a crush on someone and people like me have many crushes, well all thanks to Facebook that we got so many of beautiful, hot, sexy and Adorable people in our id to get in touch with even many of them are total strangers.

well, there is a step by step guide to get noticed by your crush on facebook which is effective enough to make your crush notice you.

Step 1

First of all, put some Fancy profile picture of yours.

For boys put some decent clothes and if you are having a good physique show what you got to make a Lil pout and capture some good selfie as good physique is always a plus point.

For girls put some mysterious profile picture of yours like clicking a picture of your eyes, the picture of your lower face including your lips or anything similar to that, because we guys love to explore.


Step 2

Timing is the key, mark my point. I repeat Timing is the key.             Your crush posted a hot and sexy photo don't get too desperate to like and comment on it. As I said timing is the key wait for that picture to get old follow that picture till it stops getting likes and comments that the time people like that picture but do not comment on it just like it or react to it and after 10 to 15 minutes comment on that picture and also like his/her previous 3 to 4 pictures  at 10 to 15 minutes interval and you will surely get noticed, your crush will surely check your profile out after getting constant notifications.


Step 3

Now you are at that stage where your crush is aware of your existence. Now it's time for the final move put him/her a message "you are crazy" he/she will surely text you back then simply say you was sending it to someone else and formally introduce yourself to your crush.


What else do you need? You are not a stranger anymore.

Note: Girls please do not try so hard just put a text to your crush                   saying Hi. we guys love to get texts from girls no matter's                     we know them or not.

Hope you like this blog!

writer: Abhilash Chaudhary

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