How beautiful are you?


Do you consider yourself beautiful? How much? Or what if you have to rate yourself on a scale of 10. Confused? What would you give yourself, 8 or 9 or a perfect 10? That’s it? Can you seriously rate your beauty on any scale?

Writer:Priya priya

Today’s world is all about beauty, looks, makeup, hiding your imperfections. Right? We all spend so much time standing in front of a mirror and analyzing ourselves, our positives, negatives and what not. So if beauty can’t be measured on a scale then what is the most appropriate way to find out how Beautiful are you? Pheww!! Tough question.

The reality is, there is no scale, no parameters on which someone’s beauty can be measured, never there was anything. It’s just us, who time by time turn out with different measurements like we are Newton’s other brain. Everybody’s born differently, with different features, weight, height, complexion and what not. DNA plays it’s role very efficiently. But still, we search for new ways to look even better, even if you already look like a model from Victoria’s secret.

How many times have we heard the statement that beauty comes from within and not from your outer package? Even after getting so much education in biology classes, why do we forget that this outer package won’t be new forever? Just like we crumble a lay's packet after eating it, our package will also get lines, wrinkles with time. Everybody have to go through this phase, no one’s gonna save you, baby, not even your doctors for a long time. A person no matter how Beautifully sculpted, if doesn’t have good thoughts, is a back bitcher, or is rude,  you’re not gonna like them, no matter how appealing they may be. But if someone’s thoughts, nature, positivity is in the right direction and makes you feel better about yourself they are going to stick to your mind no matter what. We know this fact because we all have this two kind of people in our life. (Yeah, I know you have. Don’t lie to me)

Being beautiful does not require expensive treats, brands. They just help you to look a Lil better for some time, but for the real beauty, you know where to start from. If you still don’t feel beautiful, just think about those who are born with skin problems or people who are suffering from skin diseases, you will feel blessed already. Just keep this in mind, money, physique, wearing brands all over you, doesn’t make you beautiful, your mentality does.

PS: every human is beautiful in their own way, you just have to look with different spectacles. 

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  1. Nope. Actually there is a scale from which you can rate your beauty. “Fair&lovely scale” nikhaar ghatega nahi badhega. *


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