5 WTF things boys do when they are drunk !


Writer : Abhilash Chaudhary

Doing a night out, having a birthday party, celebrating promotion with friends or it's a wedding! Boys like to get drunk no matters what occasion it is, all they need is to get drunk as hell.

Here are 5 WTF things they do after getting drunk

  • Just after hitting 2 shots they feel like they are too high! and do Desi style dance on electronic music, "Seriously dude"

  • Calling all the contacts in the contact list and saying weird things to them, And the most amazing thing is all of those things they say at that time are true. "Lol"

  • Taking bromance totally to a whole next level with genuine feelings more that what we feel for our girlfriend or anyone else, and just repeating only one sentence.

  • Messing with the bouncer and having confidence that you will smash that big scary bouncer just with the help of the tiny pinky finger.

  • Still having that guts after bouncer throws out of the party to mess with other people but this time its the cops when they caught you driving drunk, saying that old line to cops and guess what it still works Lmao.


Many people reading this blog post will relate to it. If you liked this post feel free to share and tag your insane friend's with whom you have done things like these or wanna do in future!

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