4 ways to find peace in struggle


Can we find peace in the struggle ?

As they say, everyone is going through a struggle we are not aware of. That’s true!! The level of one's struggle differs from person to person and that’s the only difference but everybody is going through some sort of frustration every day. Well! I admit that every struggle or problem comes with depression, down mood, irritation and what not. But, let me tell you that there’s always a solution to every problem and by over thinking about it, you are only making things worse ( they are already way more messed up right? )

There are few ways through which we can deal with those monsters in a better way because of Iam, not that expert. (Hehe, bad joke I know)

  • Just sit for a while and think if you can do something about it. If yes, you just have to implement your master plan and get rid of it. No worries, and you are good to go.

  • If you can’t find some solution, there’s seriously no need to sit all day alone and just thinking about it like you have no other work.

  • Go to your trusted person who can apply their brain in solving your problem rather than laughing and just dragging you more in the depression mode. ( There are a lot of such people. Phew!! So, choose wisely.)

  • If you can’t do any of these,dude, why are you wasting your time on something you can’t even figure out. Every problem can’t be solved. Let it go. That’s the most you can do in the times when the whole universe is just focusing on making your life more of a hell.

I know everyone reading this will be cursing me right now, because no one can feel what one feels when going through their struggle. But, taking all your curse's a compliment, ( I can do that 😉 ) I would just say if those problems are meant to get sort they will, by anyhow. You don’t have to hit hard on your brain to solve them. Don’t waste your time on something you can’t do anything about.

You have a very small life, it literally flies away without giving you a prior notice. So focus on things you can do best. Everything that happens, happens for good, which you realize at that moment or later. Life is not that complicated unless we make it.

I've repeated the line (if you can’t do anything about it, forget it) that is enough to tickle every single neuron present in your brain. So, take a deep breath and be happy coz that’s what meant to be Present in your life.

PS : taking a lot of tension causes wrinkles and makes you look ugly too.

Writer : Priya  priya

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